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Project Mc2 555698 UV Nail Maker, Multicolour

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wire bender, wire turner makes screens, guards, and other wire appliances for textile machinery; turns or bends wire over a pattern, using hammer and hand pliers. woolley tooth maker see willey tooth maker. work board hand (cutlery) see putter-together (cutlery). wrought nail maker forges wrought iron nails, by hand, on "Oliver" hammer; c.f. cramper. zincage man carries out operations in Parke's process of desilverisation of lead, by means of direct action of metallic zinc; carries out one or more of such duties as running molten lead into cast iron pots, skimming molten lead with special skimming tool, adding metallic zinc (either solid or molten), stirring mixture, skimming off triple alloy of lead, zinc and silver as it solidifies, etc. zinc fixer cuts sheet zinc and fits and fixes it with zinc nails, screws or rivets in sinks, on roofs, etc.; cf. zinc roofer ( 226). putter-together (brassware) assembles an cl puts together spun or turned parts, to form finished articles, at a bench with hand tools; in doing so, may pe-form some wiring, soldering or brazing. maker-up (metallic bedsteads) see fitter, bedstead. maker-up (pressed and stamped ware) frame smith, perambulator frame smith a perambulator cold smith q.v. who bends light steel rod, round or flat, round patterns, for hood frames of perambulators, etc.; fits ends to hinge pins. frame maker, optical

wheel presser mounts wheels of railway vehicles on axles or dismounts them, by hydraulic press; slings wheel and axle in chains and pushes into position in hydraulic press; controls levers and valves of press and watches pressure gauge or hydraulograph. nail maker see machine minder (nails). needle maker general term for workers employed in any process or making needles, including needle stamper ( 254), eve stamper ( 254), ayer ( 254), eye filer ( 233), pointer (needle) ( 237) q.v.; sometimes specifically designated, e.g., bleacher's needle maker, hosiery needle maker, sail maker's needle maker. needle maker, boot bench hand general term for any person who makes wire goods, wholly or in part by hand, by straightening, cutting, bending,, curving, etc., wire to required shapes. wire worker (foundry) shapes wire, for use in core making, on a mandrel, using hammer and pliers, wire worker (pianos, etc.); cuts, bends, points and threads wires for piano or organ actions with a wiring machine. wire worker (textile machinery) guide rolling straightener straightens rod, while hot after rolling, on mill floor, by hitting with hammer (usually wooden hammer). straightener (saws), saw straightener, saw plate straightener To get started, upload your video file to Kapwing. Use the playhead in the video timeline to find the frame you want to use as your video thumbnail. Try to choose a frame that is both relevant to the contents of the video and that will draw interest. A close up of someone’s face with a surprised or curious expression can be a good choice for a thumbnail frame. When you’ve found the perfect frame, use the Freeze Frame button in the Timing tab to pause that moment in the video. Kapwing will insert a still image of your video at the point you selected.Chronology As An Aid to Dating Old Buildings , Technical Leaflet 48. Nashville: American Association for State and pourer (i) pours steel from converter or tilting furnace into ladles by turning wheel controlling angle of converter; (ii) moves lever raising stopper of steel ladle, thus allowing molten steel to run out into moulds prepared by pitman q.v.; closes pouring hole in similar way when mould is full, and repeats operation till all steel has been poured into moulds. teemer, spiegel (steel manufacture) taps cupola by breaking through clay plug in tap hole with iron rammer and supervises teeming or pouring of spiegeleisen from spiegel cupola into ladles and from ladles into converter. teemer at mixer, metal teemer at mixer (blast furnace) a ladle teemer q.v. pouring molten iron into mixer (a tilting furnace in which up to 400 tons of molten metal are mixed and stored) from ladles and from mixer into ladles. teeth maker (card clothing) sets up machine which cuts, bends and points wire teeth for card clothing; obsolescent, cf. card setting machine minder ( 225). tester Although detailed, her case notes do not mention her care or treatment outside the hospital, so we do not how she, her family, friends and the community as a whole managed her illness. The records do suggest however, that her home remained a loving and supportive place. She often cried to go home and she tried to escape and return home on a number of occasions, succeeding once. Also, although she was often aggressive and violent towards her husband while manic, there was no report or physical evidence of any aggression towards her. An even wider circle of support is suggested in her case notes, as on one occasion friends even made the journey to the hospital to meet her when she was discharged. saddle tree riveter attaches metal plates to saddle trees to strengthen them, drills necessary holes and fastens by hand riveting. plate strengthener see straightener, plate. platform man (steel) see mould man (steel). pointer, wrought nail pointer shapes or forges point on wrought iron nails by machine or Oliver hammer, while cold, pourer, see teemer, ladle. printer's lead maker see mixer, metal (typefounding). prover and tester (brass ware) tryer (gas fittings); tests finished articles, such as gas or water taps, with pressure gauge or compressed air, to detect leakages, and indicates, by mark, that they have been tested. prover, gas meter; meter prover see tester, meter. prover (tubes) see tester, tube. puncher, punching machinist sets and supervises working of punching machine for making holes in plates used in boilermaking, shipbuilding, when more expensive drilling is unnecessary; slings plate on to bed of machine, directs punching machine worker ( 279) or assistant in operation of punch, and changes position of plate as each hole is punched as marked. putter-together (bedsteads) see fitter, putter-together (brass ware, pressed metal) see maker-up (brass spinning, pressed and stamped ware). putter-together (cutlery) gilder (screws) effects electrolytic deposition of brass on better types of finished screws, by dipping screws in basket into tank; maintains proper quantity and strength of solution in tank; refits anodes as required; switches electric current on and off; cf. electro plater ( 282). engine stripper dismantles an engine in preparation for cleaning, re-fitting or removal; usually done by engine fitter ( 210) q.v. engraver, bell an engraver (hand) q.v. who cuts designs and lettering on bell by means of hand tools. engraver, coach see chaser (carriage building). engraver, copper (process engraving) touches up copper process plate with hand engraving tools, looking at work through a magnifying glass. engraver (hand) chalks lettering or design on brass plates or other metal goods and cuts out design with hand tools, or gravers; sometimes specifically designated, e.g. brass engraver, hilt engraver; cf. chaser. engraver, hilt see chaser, hilt. engraver (machine)

optical fitter, optician's fitter a lens mount maker ( 322) q.v. or a spectacle frame maker q.v. who makes any metal mounting or frame for optical glasses. frame maker, spectacle blank maker, forger (screws) passes metal strip by hand into semi-automatic machine which cuts screws to required length and forms their heads;-watches machine for any faulty work. header-up, heading machine man see header (holts, rivets) ; sometimes specifically designated, e.g., holt heading machine man, rivet heading machine man. helver (tools) fixes helve or handle into heads of hammers, axes, choppers, hoes, etc., by cutting handles to fit eye of tool and driving in metal or hard wood wedge. hilt embosser, sword hilt embosser raises design on sword hilt with hammer and punch; cf. embosser ( 254). hilt piercer (sword) pierces designs on sword guard with small fret saw. hinge maker assembles parts of hinges by fitting and pinning, clinching and burring over joint pins; may be done by hand with assistance of machine tools, or entirely on automatic machines. hook maker, blake; boot hook maker see needle maker, boot. hook maker, bonnaz; embroidery hook maker a needle maker q.v. making, by hand, embroidery needles which are hooked and have screwed shanks. hot air man (blast furnace), hot blast man controls valve to regulate passage of hot air to tuyeres of blast furnace; sometimes done by stove minder ( 171) q.v. hot saw man, hot saw worker, hot sawyer Today, thankfully, the way we view and treat mental health is changing and we are now becoming more aware of the issues and challenges surrounding it.tester (chain testing house) an examiner q.v. in charge of a testing house where chains are tested under tension; directs operation of test house labourers in fixing chains in testing machine; controls power levers and supervises reading of dials and record of test. examiner (cycles) teazer breaks clay plug in tapping hole of cupola with a pointed steel bar, so releasing molten metal, which falls into ladle; periodically taps slag at slag holes; usually done by furnaceman ( 171) q.v. tapper, tapper-out (iron and steel manufacture) dries refractory clay in tapping hole and spout of furnace by lighting a fire underneath; when furnace is ready to be tapped or emptied, drills or hammers out clay with which tapping holes are closed, and keeps molten steel flowing by means of a long bar. tapper (rolling mill); taps steel plates with hammer to detect flaws by ring of metal; obsolescent. tapper (zinc extraction) see drawer (zinc extraction). tapping man (lead extraction) In 1891, she was admitted after threatening to kill her husband. The month after her admission, the census shows her husband living in Lye with their daughter Lucy and he gives his marital status as ‘Widow’. His reason for this we will never know, but it could reflect his sense of loss or it could have simply been easier to say that than explain the truth to the census enumerator.

Dozens of fonts , font colors and special font effects available for use.Including pretty cool font presets.Cool for stay inspector examines and tests boiler stays, i.e. various supporting rods or plates which strengthen boiler or condenser and prevent bulging or collapsing. examiner (steel pens) see looker-over (steel pens). examiner (tubes) see viewer (tubes). examiner, wheel (railway wagon works) examines wheels and tests them by tapping with a hand hammer; decides, by sound given, whether they are in good condition. expander, tube expander Locally http://www.worcestershire.gov.uk/info/20470/mental_health_and_emotional_wellbeing and https://www.hacw.nhs.uk/ourservices/mental-health-services/ assembler, work board hand general term for workers who put parts together, including bayonet setter, cutler ( 228), fork hafter ( 228), getter-up q.v. putter-together, scissors putter-together One such person was nail maker Jane Freeman. Born Jane Pardoe in Lye, Stourbridge in 1834 she married fellow nail maker, Joseph Freeman in 1853 and continued to live in the town. Nail making was a punishing way to make a living, particularly for women. Pregnancy, childbirth, keeping a house and raising children while undertaking exhausting, physical work for very poor pay meant female nailers’ lives could be brutally hard. Add to this the reality of living with a mental health condition and we can start to imagine the challenges she and those around her faced.Glasgow Steel Nail Co has been involved in many interesting projects that have included providing nails for the Globe Theatre punches head on bolts or rivets; does minor repairs to machine and instructs header q.v. setter, mould (steel) is in charge of operations of setting and stripping casting pits, i.e. placing moulds on pits ready for casting and removing them afterwards; may also assist pitside craneman ( 950) q.v. to sling ingots and moulds; usually done by pitman q.v. setter, mould (typefounding) They shine a light on the lives of some of those living with long term mental illness in the 19th century and are a valuable source of information on the people using the hospital, their conditions and treatment. batterer flattens reverse ends of fish hooks with hammer on hand anvil or in power press. flatway worker (clog irons) disher, disherer performs second shaping operation on front clog irons; places partially shaped iron on bed plate against two rollers and starts machine by hand lever, so that iron passes between forming rollers. fluer see slagger (zinc extraction). flyer balancer adjusts flyers (yarn twisting and roving mechanism) of spinning machines to ensure that both arms are balanced and of equal weight; places flyer on revolving spindle and taps with hammer as it revolves; also bends arm with pliers and files arms, as necessary, to get correct balance. flyer maker (textile machinery)

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