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Evergreen Lawn Dressing 25L

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After watering there may be some patchy areas. To repair, rake the area and remove dead grass. Apply Gro-Sure Smart Patch, as it contains water-retaining granules and is guaranteed to repair any patch. Like any plant, the key to healthy grass is taking care of the roots. Make sure the root gets maximum oxygen by doing all you can to improve drainage. The best way to do this is through aeration. You should use a different lawn fertiliser in autumn that you would use when you are preparing your garden in spring. We recommend using either Miracle-Gro EverGreen Autumn Lawn Care or Miracle-Gro EverGreen Premium Plus Autumn & Spring Lawn Food. These products are best applied using a lawn spreader to ensure even application over your lawn - this will help prevent any scorching or damage. Rake your lawn vigorously with a spring-tined rake, aiming to reduce loose debris without uprooting the grass Also contains an enriched organic dressing that feeds the lawn, improves soil structure and encourages root activity of existing lawns. How to use

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Keep the bag closed when in storage to prevent drying out. Storage from one year to another may a_x001F_ect performance. Try the EverGreen Wizz Year-Round Spreader (ideal for use with grass seed, fertiliser or even salt during the winter months to prevent your paths becoming slippery) or the Scotts EvenGreen ™ Drop Spreader. Top Dressing can also be done in spring but the soil will usually be much colder for germination to occur and the risk of frost tends to be greater. How to top dress your lawn A top dressing generally consists of a mix of materials such as sand, soil and loam which are manually added to the surface of the lawn and brushed or raked in. These materials aid with drainage, help break down thatch and provides organic matter to the soil which in turn helps feed the lawn. What does lawn top dressing do? Most lawns will recover well after summer’s wear and tear or drought without any feeding, and will be a rich green carpet againby the following year. But if your lawn is in need of a boost, you can apply an autumn lawn feed – just make sure it’s specifically formulated for autumn application. Autumn lawn feedencourages root growth through winter, rather than leafy growth.For areas that are particularly bumpy, you can use a half moon edging iron (or a spade if you don’t have one) and shave the ground level. Once you have done this, aerate the soil underneath with a fork and re-lay turf level to the rest of the lawn. Dips/troughs in the garden should also follow this process until the whole lawn is level. 4. Aerate your lawn Winter is a time of rest for your lawn, and it’s important that it has time to rejuvenate and be ready for the following year. This season is a good time to think about how you are going to care for your perfect lawn come spring. Plan any changes to your lawn during the winter so that you’re ready for when the temperature outside increases. Scarification removes the build up of debris in the lawn (known as ‘thatch’) and aeration creates small holes in the lawn, allowing air circulation and drainage. Areas of the lawn that get heavy traffic in the summer will be very compacted and will need forking to break up the soil and improve the drainage when the rain starts to pour. Ensure that you push the fork four to six inches in to the ground to get the proper aeration and drainage. 6. Apply top dressing

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Watering lawns during the summer months can be a matter of preference, as lawns will typically recover well in autumn with increased rainfall and there is a lot to be said for conserving this precious natural resource. If conditions are particularly dry and you do want to try and prolong the lush green of your lawn, a major soak less frequently is better than frequently sprinkling, which can lead to shallow root growth. Once the grass is recovering, apply a balanced fertiliser to replenish soil nutrients and boost the lawn health. Westland SafeLawn releases nutrients gradually to avoid stress and includes grass seed to fill thinning areas.

While there is some debate about the true benefits of top-dressing a lawn for the home gardener, it can help correct small surface irregularities and improve drainage. The autumn months are the best time to give it a vigorous rake but be careful not to be too forceful and rake too deeply as the turf gets damaged it can take a long time to recover. Top dressing is the next step after aerating. Itinvolves applying a mixof loam, sand and well-rotted organic mattertofill the aeration holes. It’s particularly useful on heavy soil, as it willimprove the soil’s texture and drainage, which should encourage better rooting and denser grass.

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You can make your own Top Dressing using a mix of materials but it is much easier to buy pre-mixed Top Dressing such as Miracle-Gro EverGreen Lawn Dressing. As long as the weather conditions are not extremely hot and dry (see below for drought management), continue to mow regularly – weekly if possible. The risk of making your own top dressing can lead to weeds, the wrong ratio and also using the wrong type of sand – it must be lime free. Aerating (or spiking) a lawn improves the movement of air and water among the grass roots, helpingthe lawn to withstandperiods of drought or waterlogging.Autumn is the perfect time of year to start again with your lawn treatment as the soil temperature is still warm enough to stimulate grass growth. Here are some tips on how to maintain your lawn in autumn… 1. Scarify The summer months are the ones where we hope to relax a little in the garden, spending time enjoying the fruits of our spring labours and perhaps walking barefoot on our beautifully prepared, perfect lawn. It is also the season when the lawn comes under the greatest amount of stress.Reduced rainfall, rapid lawn growth, which uses up the nutrients in the soil and the increased presence of people happily trampling over the grass can all take their toll. Mowing, feeding and careful watering can keep your lawn at its best in summer.

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On clay or waterloggedsoil, it’s better touse a hollow-tined aerator, whichmakes wider holes that are even more effective at letting air and moisture into the lawn’s root zone and relieving compaction.The hollow tinesextract plugs of soil–simply sweep these up, then rake a top-dressing (see below) into the holes to improve the soil structure.This is best doneevery three to four years If you have a large lawn it’s best to work from a wheelbarrow starting at 1 end using a shovel to evenly distribute the dressing. Also, in autumn the soil will still be warm and there will be moisture which are perfect conditions for any new grass seed to grow well. If your grass is very sparse or worn, we recommend overseeding the whole lawn with Gro-Sure Smart Lawn seed. It contains a clever aqua gel coating that can absorb 400 times its weight in water to guarantee germination.Grass feed should be appliedevenlywhen the soil is moist and rainfall is expected. During prolonged dry spells, you will need to water the lawn for several days after application. Our top tip for mowing is to invest in the right machinery! There are lots of options for mowers on the market from petrol, to electric and battery, from rotary to cylinder, and walk behind to ride on. Once you have completed the application the lawn will need to be watered. For any badly damaged lawns the process can be repeated regularly with light applications and for general lawn maintenance do this once a year. Both these processes can be done manually or with machinery depending on your budget and size of lawn. Water, water and water! (think of the resource in your area). If it does not rain, water heavily for a couple of days. After this period water as normal. Is always better to give a good soak but less frequently instead of little and often. This will encourage deep rooting.

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