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My Dress-Up Darling Kitagawa Marin Cosplay Costume Anime Figure Marin Kitagawa School JK Uniform Cosplay Outfit Halloween Carnival Role Play Full Set

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Genki Girl: Very upbeat, sunny, energetic, friendly and cheerful. Sometimes this can overwhelm more withdrawn characters like Gojo and Sajuna. Sugar-and-Ice Personality: At first she comes across as somewhat haughty and aloof, but she has a kinder side underneath. A famous online cosplayer who goes by the online name "Juju-sama". She specializes in cosplaying young Magical Girls. When He Smiles: In Chapter 10/Episode 4, when Kitagawa assures him that he'll one day be a great dollmaker like he hopes to be, he smiles genuinely happy for the first time in front of her. Kitagawa can't help but comment on it, much to his surprise. Tears of Remorse: By episode 4, when Kitagawa realizes that Gojo worked overtime just to get the Shizuku-tan costume ready for her, she starts crying as she feels it's her fault for not telling him that she was willing to wait. Thankfully, they turn into Tears of Joy when he assures her it's fine as long as she's happy with the result.

Deuteragonist: As the male lead and Love Interest, Gojo's growth as a person is directly influenced, enabled, and motivated by Kitagawa, who drives the plot through her sheer force of personality. While his growth as a person is a focal point of the story, it is ultimately in service to her courtship of him; he can't become her future boyfriend before overcoming his insecurities with her help. The processing times for presale items are estimated based on the factory's past production experience, we can’t promise it will delay or come out sooner.Mentor Archetype: After becoming acquainted with Akira online, she becomes something of a cosplay mentor to him when it comes to prop making and costume design. She acts as a sounding board, gives him advice, and even assists him in the crafting of smaller items so he can focus on the biggest parts of his Haniel cosplay. Insecure Love Interest: The primary reason for his She Is Not My Girlfriend outbursts - he sees Kitagawa as being so astronomically out of his league that he is incapable of imagining her being interested in him, despite having practically won her heart by the fifth episode. Early on it's so bad that he actually attempts to cut ties with her entirely because he's worried that the inevitable rumors that they're dating will damage her reputation. Can't Act Perverted Toward a Love Interest: She didn't seem to mind showing Gojo some skin at first. However, as her feelings for Gojo develop, Marin gets embarrassed more often around him (though context and other peculiarities seem to matter more in terms of what does or doesn't embarass her).

Corpsing: In-Universe. Marin often can't help but smile or laugh spontaneously when doing her cosplays, even when she's supposed to act like characters who are stoic and aloof. It's one of her defining traits as a cosplayer, something that annoys Juju to no end. Ms. Fanservice: Though Shinju as a rule is conservatively dressed and makes no active effort to doll herself up like Kitagawa does, the camera angles love to accentuate how well endowed she is, especially in various states of undress. Establishing Character Moment: Kitagawa has two moments in the first chapter/episode that best describe her beyond her appearance. The first is calling out Gojo for letting their classmates take advantage of him, showing that she is more perceptive than her outward personality would suggest. The second is her appreciating Gojo's Hina doll without any hint of judgement, which was the complete reversal of the childhood friend that called him creepy. Girls Are Really Scared of Horror Movies: After she watches a horror movie with Gojo, she's left having nightmares the following night and unable to sleep. Foil: Her and Kitagawa could not be any more different. Both take Cosplay very seriously, refusing to cosplay a character they love if their body types can't do the cosplay justice - but while Kitagawa is peppy, outgoing, and eager to make new friends in the cosplay scene; Sajuna is reserved, professional, and wishes to cosplay for herself and by herself.Didn't Think This Through: Marin's Fatal Flaw. Her passionate and impulsive natures echo off each other, and she often jumps straight into things without quite considering what she's doing. Highlights include attempting to make a cosplay outfit without any handicraft skills, trying to avoid making Gojo uncomfortable during her measuring by wearing a swimsuit that would likely be more revealing than her usual underwear, padding her breasts with two nubras to make her chest look bigger with the Shizuku cosplay despite her outfit being fitted to her exact measurements with no leeway, booking her and Gojo a room at a Love Hotel for a cosplay shoot instead of a studio, or immediately consuming all the food Gojo gives her which is supposed to be for the morning after.

Dark and Troubled Past: He was often bullied because of his effeminate looks. Then his girlfriend found out about his crossdressing cosplay and threw all his costumes away...

Supporting Protagonist: Marin is both the title character and main character with Gojo as her Love Interest. While Gojo's growth as a person and her role in his development are major aspects of the series, Marin's perspective and internal thoughts increasingly become the focal point of the story as she reconciles with her own development as a person even beyond her relationship with Gojo. In fact, she's the one who catches feelings first, and we see her internal thoughts much more frequently as a result. It's her wants, her needs, her dreams, her desires, and her experiences that drive the story forward, with Gojo alongside her as her Love Interest and de facto Best Friend. She is Gojo's guide in moving forward as a person and artist, and it is Kitagawa's sheer force of personality that inspires Gojo to do what he does for her, because for her to succeed in her courtship of him, he has to overcome his insecurities with her help.

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