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The Miracle of the Cell (Privileged Species Series)

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Turkey nominates 'Miracle in Cell No. 7' for Oscar". Daily Sabah. 10 November 2020 . Retrieved 10 November 2020. Almost every person who writes a non-fiction book must have a passion for the subject and a very strong urge to teach it. The relative electronegativities of the elements play a crucial role in determining the polarity of the bonds between two atoms. Electronegativity is a measure of an atom’s affinity for electrons: the higher the electronegativity, the greater the affinity for electrons. The electronegativities of some of life’s key elements decrease in the series oxygen, nitrogen, carbon~sulfur, carbon, hydrogen~phosphorus. Covalent bonds between elements with significantly different electronegativities will tend to be polar, having greater electron density around the atom with the greater electronegativity. Such a polar bond will have a partially negatively charged end around the most electronegative atom and a partially positively charged end around the atom with the lower electronegativity. For example, an O–H bond has greater electron density (partial negative charge) around the oxygen atom and less electron density (partial positive charge) around the hydrogen atom. Such polar bonds can act as tiny bar magnets (dipoles) and will be attracted to charged atoms or other polar bonds and molecules. This is one of the causes of reversible noncovalent weak bonds discussed above. Polar bonds are attracted to polar water molecules and are hence hydrophilic. If an organic molecule has enough polar bonds, it may have significant water solubility. Examples of polar bonds include O–H, N–H, and C–O. When one end of a polar bond involves hydrogen such as with an O–H bond, the partially positively charged hydrogen atom may be attracted to the partially negatively charged end of another polar bond. Such an interaction is called hydrogen bonding. For example, a hydrogen bond can be formed between the hydrogen atom of one hydroxyl group and the oxygen atom of another hydroxyl group and is written as H–O …H–O, where the dotted line between the O and H represent the hydrogen bond. Hydrogen bonds are what hold the two strands of DNA together in the double helix. On the other hand, atoms with similar electronegativities such as C and H form covalent bonds with a more even electron distribution between the atoms. These covalent bonds are relatively nonpolar and hence do not attract polar bonds and molecules. Compounds consisting of primarily nonpolar bonds tend to have low water solubility. This is the case for the organic compounds known as hydrocarbons, which consist of carbon and hydrogen. These compounds have very poor water solubility because their nonpolar bonds make them hydrophobic. As we will see, polar and nonpolar groups of atoms play essential roles in the formation of the cell membrane’s lipid bilayer and the 3D structure and hence function of proteins. Lee, Tae-ho (18 October 2012). "Park Shin-hye, Ryoo Seung-ryong's New Film Wraps Up Shooting". 10Asia . Retrieved 2012-11-18. Conran, Pierce (25 February 2013). "MIRACLE IN CELL NO. 7 Soars Past 10 Million Admissions". Korean Film Council . Retrieved 2013-02-26.

Official Launch of The Miracle of the Cell by Michael Denton

There is much more to discover about the cell, but even from our current limited knowledge of its depths it is clear that this tiny unit of compact, adaptive sophistication constitutes something like a third infinity. Where the cosmos feels infinitely large and the atomic realm infinitely small, the cell feels infinitely complex. Koğuştaki Mucize", "Le Roi Lion"… les grands gagnants du confinement sur les plates-formes". Le Parisien. 22 May 2020 . Retrieved 28 May 2020. Weak noncovalent bonds can form reversibly. For example, pulling DNA strands apart for transcription or replication mainly involves the breaking of many weak hydrogen bonds. The specificity and catalytic power of protein enzymes are largely determined by the weak bonds formed within the protein. Denton says, Proteins, not DNA, were originally thought to be the carrier of genetic information. Proteins are made from twenty different amino acids, but DNA consists of just four nucleotides. We now know that DNA codes for proteins—three adjacent nucleotides (a codon) code for one amino acid—and that the sequence of nucleotides in DNA therefore codes for the amino acid sequences in proteins. Some amino acids are hydrophilic (water loving), and some are hydrophobic (water fearing). The sequence of amino acids in a protein determines how the protein will fold in an aqueous environment through the various hydrophilic, hydrophobic and intramolecular (see below) interactions and hence what 3D shape the protein will ultimately assume. The 3D shape of a protein determines its function. The specificities of a protein’s amino acid sequence and consequent 3D architecture are required for specific enzymatic activity and DNA replication. Science has no explanation for the origin of the sequence information in DNA and proteins.

Sunwoo, Carla (1 February 2013). "Actor, actress take to their roles". Korea JoongAng Daily. Archived from the original on 2013-02-04 . Retrieved 2013-02-01. {{ cite web}}: CS1 maint: unfit URL ( link) MA (2018 Jul 4) Embryology Movie - Neutrophil chasing bacteria https://embryology.med.unsw.edu.au/embryology/index.php/Movie_-_Neutrophil_chasing_bacteria Accessed 2021 Apr 19 As a water-features designer for over 50 years who has worked with the world’s leading architects and engineers on landmark projects world-wide, I can appreciate Dr. Denton’s references to the need and necessity of pre-design blueprints (and the brains behind them) which contain all the complex and intricate specified information required to coordinate and assemble our most complex creations.

miracle of ingenuity - VAN BEL - 2003 - Plant The phloem, a miracle of ingenuity - VAN BEL - 2003 - Plant

Aga Muhlach plans to get buff again for a superhero movie in 2022". ABS-CBN News. December 23, 2019 . Retrieved January 1, 2020. The film was the most watched film in Turkish theaters in 2019, with more than 5.3 million admissions. It also gained a large worldwide audience due to its release on Netflix, especially in France and Latin America, where it topped the charts. [3] [4] See also [ edit ] And as it turns out, the bond energies of bonds made from carbon bound to various elements are similar. The result is that these bonds have similar stabilities under ambient conditions and similar reactivities when transformed by an enzyme; carbon is unique in this. The last transition metal Denton discusses in this chapter is molybdenum. Molybdenum occurs in four important enzymes. Molybdenum is found in the enzyme nitrogenase, which is responsible for nitrogen fixation (reduction of N 2 to ammonia). Nitrogenases containing vanadium and iron are known. In the end the author concludes with a wishy-washy statement that “I believe the path [from chemistry to life], when discovered, will prove to be so obviously indicative of a profound teleology in the very ground of being that it will prove a watershed in the history of thought. Conversely, if instead it is eventually established that there is no purely natural path across the great gulf from non-life to life, and that only the additional exertion of an intelligent agent could have assembled the first cell on Earth, that will be equally a watershed in human thought.” Well, the problem with this is the word “teleology” - “the study of evidences of design in nature” … “the character attributed to nature of being directed toward an end”. There can’t be “design”, or “being directed”, without a designer, or a director – so this is just another way of saying it must be an “intelligent agent” acting. It’s like Dr. Benton was afraid he would offend the “anything but God” crowd if he took a stand (which surely the “unique fitness” argument would have supported).a b " "Miracle in Cell No. 7" a sleeper hit at Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF)". Mindanao Times. December 28, 2019 . Retrieved January 1, 2020. a b Dizon, David (December 27, 2019). "MMFF review: 'Miracle in Cell No. 7' is a tear-jerking tsunami of a movie". ABS-CBN News . Retrieved January 1, 2020. As of April 2023, Uncommon Descent has been archived for historical and research purposes. To stay informed about the latest news and research in the sciences and Intelligent Design, visit Evolution News.

Michael Denton: The Miracle of the Cell | Discovery Institute

Of particular interest to us is the special fitness of transition metals for the unique functions on which we advanced aerobic organisms depend. These include the fitness of magnesium for light-capture in photosynthesis, the fitness of iron and copper for the transport and activation of oxygen, and the fitness of zinc for the function of carbonic anhydrase (and consequently for the excretion of CO 2). And of course, the highly mobile atoms sodium and potassium are uniquely fit for generating membrane potentials, which enable nerve impulse transmission. Without them there would be no central nervous system and certainly no carbon-based intelligent beings like humans. Chapter 7: The Matrix Although Denton is an agnostic, his analysis of the biological world is insightful and honest. He believes there is strong evidence for intelligent design in nature. He accepts the secular cosmological and biological evolutionary stories, but he concludes that the observed fine-tuning in chemistry and physics necessary for organic life must have been planned by an intelligence. He is somewhat deistic in his view. He believes that the initial conditions of the universe and the laws of physics were precisely planned, but that the universe then unfolded to its present state on its own. He says that abiogenesis is the greatest mystery facing science. The origin of life, he says, can only be explained by yet-undiscovered physical laws or an intelligent designer. The relative electronegativities of the critical elements of life (carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, phosphorus, sulfur and others) create bond polarities which result in various types of weak bonding interactions (hydrogen-bonding, Van Der Walls forces, dipole-dipole interactions, etc.) which are critical to the 3D structures and functions of proteins, DNA, RNA, etc.is the most recent in a series of books on evolution and intelligent design by Michael Denton. 2 , 3 , 4 Another striking example is the courtship rituals of ciliates, rituals that include pre-conjugal mating dances, reciprocal learning, repeated touching of prospective mates, and even deceit and cheating when communicating reproductive fitness to potential mates. One of the founders of behaviorism, Herbert Spencer Jennings, strongly suspected that protozoa were sentient. As he confessed, “If Amoeba were a large animal, so as to come within the everyday experience of human beings, its behavior would at once call forth the attribution to it of states of pleasure and pain, of hunger, desire, and the like, on precisely the same basis as we attribute these things to the dog.” “Simple and Crude”? I'm not a scientist, beyond high school science, biology and chemistry, but one can still appreciate the uniqueness described by Mr. Denton in this book. All of the (known) basic properties of the big four (hydrogen, oxygen, carbon and nitrogen) fit together perfectly to form life molecules for the cell. Even a novice will glean rich knowledge from this book.

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