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My Wandering Warrior Existence (My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness)

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This is another fantastic autobiography by Nagata Kabi, but there's one major problem. The translation. A lot of the phrasing and word choices are very clearly Americanized, and that can take me out of what's supposed to be the authors personal thoughts and feelings. I could be wrong, but I have a strong feeling that a lot of the terms for gender and sexuality they use don't have Japanese equivalents so a lot of it felt off. Aside from that, there's not much else to complain about. It's admirable how personal the author is willing to get when discussing dark and uncomfortable subject matters that

My Wandering Warrior Existence by Kabi Nagata | Goodreads My Wandering Warrior Existence by Kabi Nagata | Goodreads

This is my fourth of five autobiographical manga I have read by Kabi Nagata. As with some other autobiographical or memoir comics artists, she seems to be--book after book--chronicling her life, as it goes, book after book. I think of three people immediately to compare this work to: Lucy Knisley, Michael Rabagliati, and Keiler Roberts, though there are many more. This series stands out in that the work is easily the most intense, the most explicitly troubled. Not without occasional self-deprecating humor--she knows she is unlike most people--Nagata is ruthlessly honest about her various life struggles. The author brings up confusion about her sexuality, her gender, and why she thinks she hasn't been able to love so far. Fascinatingly, she didn't know that all-encompassing romantic love was real until adulthood. An interesting read, although for better or worse it is more of what we have come to expect style and content wise. A lot I could relate to, it still left me with a question or two.

The book discuss too many topics to be explored separately; from online dating, figuring her gender and sexual orientation, her past sexual assault, the concept of love and gaining faith and trust to build and start a relationship. Content notes for childhood sexual assault (Kabi includes a trigger warning and instructions on how to skip this section in the book as well) and some nudity elsewhere. The newest diary manga from the Harvey Award-winning creator of My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness. As I was reading, I immediately regretted my decision and wondered if I should've tried a sample first. Although I had greatly enjoyed her first manga, and mostly enjoyed its sequel - I had to DNF her recent book about her drinking problem that caused her to get pancreatitis. I just couldnt find it engaging and there was nothing there for me to latch onto.

Meisou Senshi Nagata Kabi Chapter 1 - Mangapill

A seaside love story! The first volume was all about Shun and Mio figuring out themselves and their feelings, and now they’re traveling to Hokkaido as a couple to visit Shun’s estranged family. Painful and sweet in equal turns, this is a must-read for older fans of queer love stories. The social anxiety and instabilities are still strong within this autobiographical comic essay (the fourth such series from this author). It can be hard to tell how much of this is an accurate reflection of what happened and how much of it is narrative flourishes to make it more entertaining for readers (like, I'm pretty sure some of these emoting panels are exaggerations at the very least). My lesbian experience with loneliness" and "my solo exchange diary" are interesting works for two reasons: first, they are willing to take risks, because the author is unafraid of her flaws in the moment of writing-- clearly both works were made in a similar time frame and are completely drenched in the strength of the scathing feelings of Kabi-sensei towards herself, others, and her life. Secondly, both books are brilliantly drawn, especially "My solo exchange diary". Now, this is interesting, I think, because you can see the quality of the art drops sharply in the second volume, along with Kabi-sensei's mental and physical health. On a surface level this reflects the mind of the author, but on a deeper level I think this is recognizable as an artistic risk. Here, even at a low point, Kabi-sensei continues to express, even though she knows the drawings are not as good as they used to be. As an artist and author I can admire that Kabi-sensei is willing to expose herself in "My solo exchange diary"'s second volume, because that takes an extraordinary amount of courage. You can lambast Kabi-sensei if you want for "selling her life" or "selling her family" in her memoirs, but I see "Exchange diary"'s second volume as a hallmark of artistic persistence. The simple art is completed regardless of Kabi's failing mental health. The simple art is shared even though it is not Kabi's best. and Kabi maintains the potential for momentum. John Lewis was a personal hero of mine- his death broke my heart. He was one of the most powerful change agents this country has ever known. I hope you’ll give MARCH a read and commit to causing good trouble in his memory.

EditSynopsis After attending a friend’s wedding, Nagata Kabi decides she wants one of her own. That’s not the only thing she wants—she longs to love and be loved. But she has three major problems: she has no partner, no dating experience, and her only sexual encounters are limited to a lesbian escort service. With the help of a photoshoot, a dating app, and more, the author embarks on a journey to seek the love and happiness she so desperately desires. There’s a growing trend of stories featuring animals who are very good at doing housework and caring for their humans, and I’m all here for it! Pen the penguin looks absolutely adorable, and there’s always space on my bookshelf for warm comfort reads like this! And while chaos and crises is something that Nagata is perhaps known for, it was nice to read about her for about 75% of the book going through confusion that did not involve something life threatening or self harming. That said, except for the part in the middle that covers Nagata's experience of childhood sexual assault. A boy leaves his home planet for the first time in search for adventure and to learn more about a mysterious power that he and few others in the Galaxy can wield like a weapon. It’s Star Wars meets Fairy Tail (also created by Hiro Mashima), but if Princess Leia was a Youtuber and Chewbacca was a cat named Happy.

My Wandering Warrior Existence | Seven Seas Entertainment My Wandering Warrior Existence | Seven Seas Entertainment

I personally understand her jealousy and confusion over the love that other people share. As with my own musings on love, she goes in a circle. Being fine one second, and the next being unsure or sad. I almost thought she was going to realize she was aromantic, as she was perplexed about how one goes from the closeness of friendship to having romantic feelings. This has never been confusing to me, having experienced it a few times, but is in line with what I've heard from aromantic people. I thought what her fan wrote her about one-sided feelings was interesting. Something I want to think about more, since I'm not sure whether I agree fully. Hans Rollmann (2018-08-16). "Nagata Kabi's 'My Solo Exchange Diary' and the Alienated Self". PopMatters. The sequel to My Lesbian Experience With Loneliness, My Solo Exchange Diary (Japanese: 一人交換日記, Hitori kōkan nikki), was published in Japanese later in the same year, 2016, and in English in 2018. While continuing to explore the themes of My Lesbian Experience With Loneliness, My Solo Exchange Diary is based on the concept of diary entries or letters that Nagata exchanges with her former and future self. [3] Its second volume, titled My Solo Exchange Diary 2 (一人交換日記2) was released in Japanese in 2017 and in English in 2019. Another book from Nagata Kabi. This time it’s main focus is about yearning for love and marriage. Although not as impactful as the first or second book, I still found it relatable on so many levels. And that’s to be expected considering all human beings share the same basic needs.What makes Kabi Nagata’s stories so unique is their blunt and raw approach in a way unusual in fiction coming from Japan. Nagata Kabi’s latest is another autobiographical manga, this time about love and dating and gender and suchlike. You’d think the author of a book called “My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness” would have figured out her sexuality by now but apparently not.

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