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Spanking Naughty Girls: James Spanks his wife and her friend: 1 (Spanking Naughty Girls Series)

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Placed Over My Knees: After, what I feel is a sufficient time for you to reflect upon your misbehavior, and, for any questions that you might have, Little Miss High and Mighty, I will take you by the hand, or by your ear, and, guide you over to the chair, and over my knees. For you to become defiant, and/or rebellious will only add to your discipline. There will be plenty of time for your struggling, cursing, and expressions of outrageous indignation while you are being held firmly across my lap and as I spank your lovely bottom until you cannot sit down comfortably. At this point in time, then, I started talking in a more stern tone to the wife, Anita, and, let her know, in no uncertain terms that her nicely rounded, cute, small bottom would be very red and very sore by the time I was finished spanking.

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Normally, I would have spanked her outergarment, but, both time and circumstances dictated that I spank her as efficiently as possible with as much length as I could. To do this, I was going to spank her on her panty-clad bottom as a good warmup and then lower her panties to spank her completely bare bottom for a good amount of time. During our conversation I learned a lot about her and her preferences as far as implements are used and that she wished someone would spank her hard enough to make her cry. Well, heh..heh...she ran into the right person now. With the scolding and the discipline, I intend to have her in tears before I am done.

I asked her husband if he understood this fact, and also if he wanted to witness the spanking. He agreed to both. Anita started squirming a bit, which is not unnatural for a woman who knows that she is going to be spanked, and, naturally, I thoroughly enjoyed the situation. Hello Young Lady. My name is Michael, aka THE BRATSPANKER and Santas Spanker, a patient, understanding, quiet and confident male. I am a Disciplinarian of misbehaving adult females who are intelligent, attractive, arrogant, haughty, or having a Diva-like attitude. The misbehaving woman also, at times, acts like a spoiled brat of a naughty girl needing firm handed attention. Oftentimes, a woman like this secretly desires a masterful man capable of scolding her, while putting her over his knees to give her a good long, hard bare bottom spanking. You appear to be just such a woman! If so, smile and turn this card over. If not, return this card because there is a young lady in here who is looking to meet me so I will give her a good spanking. Others of you, the professional, executive types, perhaps, appear to many to be haughty, arrogant, or otherwise acting in a "high and mighty" manner, always in control, intimidating and acting superior to others. Secretly, you long for a masterful man, such as I, capable of telling you "No!", and meaning it, to step into your life and display the boldness and audacity to, at the minimum, with determination and resolve place you over my knees and deliver the long overdue discipline that is so badly needed. Recently, I have been recruiting misbehaving ladies for spankings by handing out a card, much like a business card. I will be putting a sample of this on here shortly. I have been called by two ladies so far and expect to get even better results as time goes by. LOL. I wish I had thought of this years ago. I also am seriously considering doing videos, as soon as I can learn about any and all legal issues involved. I am going to start posting some of my spanking experiences here as time allows. At this time, though, there are no pics of spankings that I have given, but, hopefully, that will change.

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I asked her how her habits are today and she explained that she still was guilty of many of the offenses for which I feel she should be spanked, but, has not been caught by the police. She has no points on her license at this time, but, we are going to go on a test drive next week and I am going to be taking notes. She has already admitted to some of the following spankable offenses, i.e., speeding, not using turn signal when changing lanes, brushing hair while driving, applying makeup while driving, tailgating, "flipping off" other drivers, to name just a few.

The Panty-warming: At this time, your outer-garment will have been raised, or lowered, Naughty Lady, and, your panty covered full bottom will be exposed to both my eyes and will be quite vulnerable to the firm hand (at the minimum) that I am using on your shapely, under-spanked, derriere'. The scolding continues. By the time we have reached this stage, Naughty Lady, pink color will already have set in to your aristocratic bottom cheeks, and, redness will be the color of the future.

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Her husband, having the same name as myself, Mike or, in my case, Michael, had no qualms at all about her being spanked in the parking lot of the club within the confines of the mobile home. Caught in the act for which you need Discipline, be it, misbehaving in one or more ways. This might range, Little Miss Naughty Lady, from just being extremely sassy to being haughty and/arrogant, to lying to me. Speeding and running red lights while driving, are some of the driving offenses for which you will be spanked. I am a patient man, Young Lady, but, when you are caught misbehaving, and you will be, and you have tested my limits, then it is time for me to stop your foolish nonsense and time for you to be taken over my knees and soundly spanked. The kind of a spanking that you will not soon forget! After about an hour of discussing this misbehaviour pattern, as well as some others, it was decided that she would be spanked according to my qualifications and it would be OTK, finishing up on her bare bottom. Located in Cincinnati, Ohio, I do travel from time to time and have had to discipline misbehaving ladies of other men before.Last night, I had the fortunate meeting with a 23 yr. old dark haired young lady who admitted to me that she was not exactly the best driver on the highway. Cornertime: During this time, Young Lady, you will have your hands either behind head, or down at your side, standing tightly facing the corner like the naughty well spanked little girl that you are. Your beautiful sore red bottom will still be completely exposed, Little Miss High and Mighty, and you will not be permitted to ask me any questions, nor will you be allowed to rub your stinging red bottom any more. You will feel me standing behind you, at times, pulling your hair away from your ears so that I might whisper terms of endearment expressing just how lovely you look in this undignified, unsophisticated situation.

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She knows, now, that she is going to be spanked very hard and for a long time, resulting in a very sore and red bottom. Up til now she has never been spanked, but has been wanting a spanking for about 6 yrs. She admits to being very nervous and afraid, which I explained to her was only natural and was to be expected with each spanking she will receive, and, she readily admitted that we will probably need to be meeting quite a few times. She also knows that she will be scolded throughout the spanking, and, will be receiving cornertime after the spanking. This "Sense of Healthy Fear" as I refer to it, is a mental state that makes the woman appreciate both the spanking and the spanker. By logging in to LiveJournal using a third-party service you accept LiveJournal's User agreement Disciplinarian of misbehaving adult females Waiting after the spanking: After I have spanked you, Missy, you will stand before me for a period of time, with your bottom exposed and you will be permitted to rub your stinging bottom during this period of time, Little Miss Smarting Bottom. You may ask me questions, once again, though you might not like the answers. Diamond-like tears that have streaked your lovely face may be wiped away, though they might start again sometime in the future and will not be permitted to be wiped away, at that time. Further Scolding will take place, as you need to be reminded verbally of the reasons I put you over my knees and gave you the hard spanking that you deserve for behaving like the naughty little girl that you are.After a nice hug from her, a kiss on the cheek, and, a nice handshake from her husband, I left, with a good memory of a spanking that was justifiably well deserved.

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