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The Illuminatus! Trilogy

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O’Halligan said I could use the basement of the cellar as my workshop. He then gave me Ken’s phone number. I went and found a phone box and called the number. It was in London, thus long-distance, thus cost me all the money I had on me, almost all the dole money I had for the week. The phone was answered by a strange, strangulated voice. “Ken Campbell here. What do you want?” To the Roman slave owners, Spartacus was not the hero and obedient slaves were not cowards. Spartacus was not a hero, and obedient slaves were virtuous. The obedient slaves believed this also. The obedient always think about themselves as virtuous, rather than cowardly. I suspect one of the reason people have difficulty reading it is that it is written in an experimental and seemingly random third-person omniscient perspective, which floats into the first person and occasionally changes from past tot present tense. The sort of thing that was common enough at the time, but today gives editors (and many readers) fits. This may help to explain why I have such a hard time reading contemporary fiction - if the point of view hasn't changed after three chapters, I'm bored. I do think however that Wilson & Shea handle their transitions and pacing well, it just takes some getting used to if you're new to it. The bank robber John Dillinger was actually identical Zen master quintuplets and one of the JFK assassins.

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Quotes [ edit ] You cannot understand a man's actions unless you understand his beliefs. If you have any answers, We will be glad to provide full and detailed questions. On re-reading it today, I perceive that I came upon it at a propitious moment in my life. It has also become clear to me that it works less well for others than it did for me - in the book club I was in, none of the women were able to finish even the first book, which seems to result from the rather adolescent attitudes toward sex expressed by the authors. It was healthy enough for me as a 16-year-old male, but it does occasionally make me wince as an adult. A more minor concern is that there is so much bad German (since the "Illuminati" were Bavarian, of course). It's pretty clear that neither author spoke German, yet they tried to insert it in various places to spice things up. When I read the German translation of the book, this led to some amusing moments as the translator often just left their nonsensical German phrases in the midst of the prose. The many English puns often went right over his head as well, so I guess it was even. Let us consider humanity a biogram (the basic DNA blueprint of the human organism and its potentials) united with a logogram (this set of "conditioned verbal habits"). The biogram has not changed in several hundred thousand years; the logogram is different in each society.” The Rashomon: Just when, where, why, and how the Illuminati came to be varies wildly depending on who's telling the story. Most agree it started on Atlantis, but the rest is up to debate.

The tale of Hagbard Celine and all the contradictory theories of just what the hell is really going on, and what a ride it is. We feature many aspects of The Illuminatus! Trilogy: the Bavarian Illuminati, Discordianism, The Immanentization of the Eschaton, Golden Submarines, Free Love, and even some stuff about Atlantis. Unified Naming System: The plethora of acronymous —and mutually acrimonious.- competing groups. This is not done entirely seriously —witness KCUF— Knights of Christ United in Faith. Or WHORE —White Heroes Opposing Red Extremism. If James Joyce was a one-man literary IRA, then Robert Anton Wilson and Robert Shea are the literary Al Qaeda. As these groups can be viewed as either terrorists or freedom fighters, depending on your point of view, so it is with this book. Simon sipped at his coffee. “Everything in life is a hallucination,” he said simply. “Everything in death, too,” he added. “The universe is just putting us on. Handing us a line.”

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Just like Enclosure Acts," I said hollowly. "One day the land belongs to the people. The next day it belongs to the landlords." Creepy Uncle: the man who made Atlanta Hope the woman she became and who indirectly inspired Telemachus Sneezed. Maybe I'm destroying the integrity of my reading list and goals for the year by rating this along with the three individual novels. I have thus only read either three books instead of four, or one instead of four if I want to think of the books I've read as something closer to the books I've bought, since I don't own old mass market copies of the three books, and thus only 'read' from one book. I think in the spirit of this book it's most appropriate to add four books to my reading list... since I think it was Pythagoras who called four (or a tetrad) the perfect number, because contained in it is the number 10 (1+2+3+4), and ten is 5 two times (I'm trying my hardest to come up with some rationalization for all this that ends in the number 23 but I'm failing, I'm sure it's there somewhere though..... oh oh oh, I've got it, by rating four books the tetrad becomes 5 and 23, 1+4 = 5 and 2 and 3 in the middle are obviously 23, thus this trilogy needs to be read/rated in this manner, or at least now I can feel comfortable having done so and not feel like I'm throwing off the whole 'how many books did I actually read' number or feel like a total fake when December 31, 2017 comes around and I'm reading some comic book just to get one last book to on to my 'read' list for the year so I can earn yet another 'reading goal' little image on my profile...).

Now they saw trains, many trains, all of them running on time, and the trains criss-crossed Europe and ran 24 hours a day, and they all came to a few destinations that were alike. There, the human cargo was stamped, catalogued, processed, executed with gas, tabulated, recorded, stamped again, cremated and disposed. The Parody: One of the characters is a book reviewer who trashes a novel that sounds very much like the trilogy itself. This was the strangest book I have ever read. I almost gave up a couple of times but I am glad I didn't. A is not A," Hagbard explained with that tiresome patience of his, "Once you accept A is A, you're hooked. Literally hooked, addicted to the System." Wrongly sold as science fiction, this is an anarcho-libertarian bit of mischief mashing up some serious indirect philosophy and psychology with popular cultural memes, conspiracy theory, erotica, the occult and a lot of dated political satire.

The Illuminatus! Trilogy – The Robert Anton Wilson Website The Illuminatus! Trilogy – The Robert Anton Wilson Website

This work is very controversial. Please consult the Content Warnings / Trigger Warnings to brace yourself. Correctly formulated, the Law [of Fives] is: All phenomena are directly or indirectly related to the number five, and this relationship can always be demonstrated, given enough ingenuity on the part of the demonstrator. This is Confusion,” said Athena with her owl-eyes flashing, for she was more familiar with the world created by the god Mark Lane.Shea and Wilson followed this up with the related Schrodinger's Cat trilogy, which develops the alternate-universes model of quantum physics, using permutations on the same characters and settings. I can certainly say I liked it, but it's hard to say how much. Some parts were better than others, but there are many parts to be considered. Unlike other reviewers, I did not find the numerous asides and allusions to be distracting. If one piqued my interest, I looked it up and more often than not, learned something entirely new. Some didn't intrigue me as much, and I was happy to let them be. A monopoly on the means of communication may define a ruling elite more precisely than the celebrated Marxian formula of “monopoly on the means of production.” Since man extends his nervous system through channels of communications like the written word, the telephone, radio, etc., he who controls these media controls part of the nervous system of every member of society. The contents of these media become part of the contents of every individual’s brain.

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As philosophy it would get 1 (the world-view it argues for is much better discussed in other books--some of them even by RAW) The book presents every conspiracy theory known to man in a fashion that seems to defy coherent timeline and consistency. It is as if each chapter was written independently, with only the faintest of connecting threads. I often thought that I was reading someone's acid induced musings. Did You Just Romance Cthulhu?: Apparently the Necronomicon contains lots of pentagons, with images of people having sex with shoggoths and other Lovecraftian beings. Most Writers Are Writers: Several of the characters work for magazines and newspapers, with both outlets playing major roles throughout the trilogy. Shea and Wilson were both working as associate editors for Playboy at the time.We don't expect you to actually read the books, just so long as you can be entertaining about them. How do we know whether the universe is getting bigger or the objects in it are getting smaller? You can’t say that the universe is getting bigger in relation to anything outside it, because there isn’t any outside for it to relate to. There isn’t any outside. But if the universe doesn’t have an out-side, then it goes on forever.” There's also Timothy Leary, Adam Weishaupt, John Dillinger, Adolf Hitler, George Washington, Dutch Schultz...

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