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Tied Up - Vol 2: A Collection Of Hardcore Bondage Short Stories

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You look so cute there struggling" Vixx said as she slowly stepped closer to me holding the nipple clamps and chain. "You deserve a special present for looking so cute. My nipples had throbbed and hurt more painfully than the hour or more I had been wearing the damn things. Vixx had decided to "help me" by rubbing ice cubes around my throbbing nipples. this she did sitting astride me and feeling something else throbbing at which she gave a very naughty grin. The relief of the ice had been short lived before Vixx replaced the nipple clamps and untied me from the chair, leaving my hands tied behind me and feet tied together. She had then tugged the chain making me hop to the lounge where the cuffs had replaced ropes and where i found myself in my current predicament. Mmppppnnnggg. mmmmnnggg. mmmmmmgggg.” I tried to scream through the gag. She was entirely right. I could do nothing. I was her prisoner to titilate tease torment and torture as she saw fit. and there was nothing I could do about it. The smell of coffee assailed Carol's nose as she entered the kitchen. Her mom was already up and finishing her breakfast. "Good Morning." She said, as she saw Carol enter. "I was wondering if you were ever going to get up." Carol grunted vaguely, and walked over to the pantry to get her cereal. She filled a bowl and splashed a bit milk on it, then sat down at the table next to her mother.

Stories of Tie Up Games I asked my mum to be bound (F/M) - Stories of Tie Up Games

I was not afraid. There was no sign of a struggle. No one else had seen me like this. I was enjoying myself in my own special way. I was 18 and obsessed with being tied up for as long as I could remember. I had not been tied up by anyone for over five years and then that was just in silly children's games. I had loved watching TV shows or films where someone was tied up and had wanted to experience it. My mother (god rest her) had caught me playing like that once or twice and had forbidden me to do it, the upshot was I just got better at hiding my activity. I don't know whether she had ever told my dad but I had kept it secret from him. Mum had died a few years previously and my dad had married Victoria, or Vixx, who was many years younger than him but still closer to his age than mine, just. Dad worked abroad a lot and Vixx worked part time so often after school and sometimes at weekends I was in the house alone. That is where I practised tying myself up. I had been doing this for nearly ten years and was getting better and better. I could now tie my hands behind me with a splip-knot even blindfolded and with my arms strapped to my sides, and that is what I had managed to do today. Not another word, ladies." The man growled, menacingly. "I'm not here to hurt you, but I will if you push me. So keep quiet, understand?" Hey waimmpphh.” She ripped another strip of tape off the reel and plastered it over my mouth taking another one and pressing it firmly on top. This was all going wrong I thought to myself. I wasn't supposed to be the one tied up bare footed and bare chested. I wanted to see her in her underwear all bound gagged and helpless. Her teasing went on. I decided I had to try to escape. I rolled from side to side and : CRUNCH. I slid off the single bed and onto the floor. I heard feet on the stairs once more, no heels this time, when I heard Vixx at my door. Jonathan, are you all right?”

Go on eat it" she said. She ad been walking barefoot round the kitchen and her heels, the balls of her feet and pads of her toes all had a coating of grime on them. I was hungry but the tought of having to eat off her dirty feet was too much. I've had these things for a while but your father just did not want me to use them.” I had no idea what she was talking about but heard her put something down on the table next to my bed. “Now I better go and get some tea ready.” She Finished and once again I heard her heels on the stairs. Sleep well" se said. "Oh and just so you don't get disturbed." with tat she tore off two squares of tape and i was plunged into darkness as she taped my eyelids shut. That's not right. Look you silly boy. You've tied a slip knot here. That could cause big problems. let me help.” I felt her fiddling with the rope on my wrists and felt the pressure released momentarily before I felt her winding the rope round and tying off again. “There that's better. It won't slip and tighten now, and you won't be able to get yourself free either.” As the intruder turned to tie her mother the same way, Carol explored her bonds. As expected, they were tied with expert skill, tight enough she could tell right away she wasn't moving until he let her, without being so tight they hurt.

stories - Real bondage sex stories - Cosmopolitan Bondage stories - Real bondage sex stories - Cosmopolitan

I felt myself dragged up to my feet then I was hoisted up and found myself hanging over Vixx's shoulder. It was highly embarrassing even if I couldn't be seen. I am the fairly typical lanky teenager where as Vixx keeps herself looking good for my father by regular use of the Gym and she has muscles where I don't have places. As I said I have fantasised about her before. There's plenty of food in the pantry and the fridge. You can have whatever you want, just don't burn the house down, or anything. Maybe you can invite your friend Ashley over as well…" Vixx flipped me onto my tummy which gave me a sudden, yet surprisingly pleasurable squeeze between my thighs, and then began to stroke her fingernails gently over the soles of my bare feet. I hope you'll be alright by yourself today." Carol's mom said, as Carol began eating. "I'll be at work all day, and I probably won't be home until late this evening. We're close to a breakthrough."

I woke up. I think i woke up but I wasn't sure. it was still dark and as I turned my head. I stretched my arms. i tried to stretch my arms but couldn't. I Tried to twist, to turn over to sit up but I couldn't. I tried to call aout to scream but there was just some muffled sounds. I thrashed around for a few seconds then lay panting. I struggled and twisted again then began to remember. Oh my god. I drifted in and out of sleep and woke felt the tight pressure in my spedos totally unaware of the passage of time. i struggled but was tied so tightly i could bareley move. the more i struggled the tighter the ropes seemed to become which just made me more excited and made the feeling in my spedos tighter. that was so frustrating as I was getting arounsed with no sense of relief and no way to bring that relief. So i just struggled more working up a sweat as i screamed into the folds of the gag to try and pleasure myself. MMMNGGMMPPHH" I cried into the gag as I felt the first blow on my left foot. this was followed by 2 more then 3 on my right foot. Bondage and BDSM sex have always been sexual fantasies for many people, but this has become even more of a phenomenon as experimenting with kinky sex has seen a huge rise in popularity over the past few years. Bondage and BDSM can be a whole lot of fun but these activities also demand a lot of trust and responsibility to do it safely with safe words, consent and best practice (you don't magically learn how to safely tie knots, after all) at the front of everyone's minds. So before you get down to the dirty, you need to swot up as much as you can on how to do it before you try anything IRL. It should only ever be with a partner you trust, are free to communicate openly and honestly with, and with whom you've discussed your boundaries and safe words with.

Few Short Tales of Trapped Females - Inkitt A Few Short Tales of Trapped Females - Inkitt

Damn. Vixx was home early or I'd been tied up longer than I thought. I knew what she was talking about. My coat, school blazer, shoes and games kit were just dumped in the hallway in front of the door as I had come in. I struggled to reach the slip knot so I could free myself but I could hear Vixx still shouting at me and now I could hear her heels on the stairs. Next I tied her to the bed with her hands together above her head tied to the bed frame and her ankles together as well. Gagged her with a few strips of tape as well. She seemed kind of bored with this tie so i untied her after a few minutes for our last tie. After about 2 hours of this treatment her programmes finally finished and the news started. She put out her cigarette and bent down to me. “Having fun there?”With the immediate need for relief gone thanks to the ice i was now able to think about my situation more. I was developing a kind of crush on my step mother but the strangest sort. She had discovered my guilty secret and taken over. I'd been kept tied up, gagged, almost naked, whipped and tortured for the past 24 hours and still i had the hots for this woman. She seemed so charming but sadistic at the same time, she knew just how to excite me, she read all my weak spots , she was physically , emotionally and psychologically abusing me but I just wanted more. what monster had my father married and what strange creature had I become. I felt myself being precariously carried down stairs before being sat down on the floor, then pushed onto myside, turned over onto my tummy and then felt the hogtie being re-instated, if anything even tighter than I had done myself. Suddenly his voice got grim. "On the other hand, I will do whatever it takes to see to it you don't leave. And if you keep trying to escape, I might have to resort to more drastic measures, and believe me, you don't want that." He raised his hands placating as both his captives moaned into their gags in fear. "choice is yours, ladies. I'm just saying that you better behave yourselves."

Tied Up And Gagged Stories | Quotev Tied Up And Gagged Stories | Quotev

My favourite bondage session was the first time my husband ever tied me up. We used simple under-the-bed restraints and a blindfold. He took to being a Dom like a fish to water. He gave me a spanking and then choked me while going down on me. Then, he added a stainless steel dildo into the mix. It was a particularly amazing experience because I trusted him so completely and we were both so intensely into it. It was one of the best orgasms I've ever had." I can’t believe I’ve only just read this story. Fantastic. I wonder if I could write such a good story as part two from Vixx point of view. There’s a challenge. Nnnn mmm nntt.” In reality my heart was pounding, I had a very tight feeling in my jeans, I had an itch I couldn't scratch and I was loosing myself in extacy. But this was my stepmother. I couldn't let her know I was enjoying it so much. It just wasn't normal.He turned and did the same thing with Carol's mother. She'd seen protesting was futile, and accepted her gag without protest.

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